Company Profile
C&C Electronic Connectors, Inc. is a manufacturer of RF/Microwave and coaxial connectors.for more than 30 years in Taiwan.
For satisfying more and more requirements from customers, we have been improving our manufacturing capability and equipments and inspection facilities to ensure the quality of every shipment could conform to customers’ demand.

We are also a professional OEM for some famous companies. We export our products to all countries around the world.
We use DFARS Stainless Steel and RoHS compliant material.
If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact with us. We would be very glad to work for you. Your emails will be replied within 24 hours.
C&C Electronic Connectors, Inc. (貫有企業有限公司)擁有超過 30 年歷史的射頻/微波同軸連接器的設計製造經驗。 創新、品質、效率是公司的精神,追求卓越成為一級的同軸連接器製造廠是公司的目標。 我們擁有經驗豐富的研發部門及自動化生產設備,可以因應客戶的不同需求,進行客製化產品研發,並以優異的技術及生產設備完成量產。 基於對品質的要求,我們導入ISO9001:2015品質認證,並添購更新的設備及檢測儀器,確保品質可以符合市場的需求 貫有的製造能力獲得許多世界大廠的肯定,提供OEM&ODM的服務,產品主要外銷歐美,身為世界公民的一分子,及友善環境,公司提供符合DFARS和 RoHS的材料。